Six Month Smiles Teeth Straightening

in Grand Prairie, TX

You may be thinking that straightening your teeth in six months is too good to be true, but with Six Month Smiles, you'll be on your way to your perfect smile before you know it! Our team at Revive Family Dentistry will discuss your treatment options and the dramatic results you can expect.

What Is Six Month Smiles Teeth Straightening and How Does It Work?

Six Month Smiles offers an innovative and effective orthodontic solution for adults who want straighter teeth in a few short months. The treatment primarily focuses on the teeth that show when you smile, meaning you won't have to deal with a mouth full of braces. Six Months Smile braces work like traditional ones with a system of clear brackets and tooth-colored wires that gently shift your teeth into alignment.

What Are the Advantages of Six Month Smiles Teeth Straightening?

Six Month Smiles may be a better choice than traditional braces due to various factors. First and foremost, in most cases, it only takes six months to deliver your perfect smile, while regular braces can take up to two years. They offer a nearly unnoticeable solution to patients who desire straight teeth without having to deal with metal brackets or wires.

Six Month Smiles braces use gentle force to move the teeth, so they are very comfortable to wear, and there is less risk of damage to your teeth. You won't have as much soreness as you do with traditional braces. Six Months Smiles is more hygienic than conventional braces because the braces are only on a few teeth, making it easier to brush and floss. Moreover, you only have to wear them for a short time, meaning you have less of a risk of cavities or gum inflammation, which may develop with regular braces.

Who Is a Candidate for Six Month Smiles Teeth Straightening?

Most adults with gapped or crooked teeth are good candidates for Six Month Smiles. The most common orthodontic issues that are effectively treated using this innovative treatment are crooked front teeth, extrusions, rotations, and intrusions. This system also works for spacing issues as well as overbites, open bites, and crowded or overlapping teeth. Severe misalignment or bite issues may require traditional braces or Invisalign, which can both correct these problems.

What Is the Six Months Smiles Teeth Straightening Procedure?

Similar to traditional braces, the process begins with a consultation and an evaluation of your smile. Dr. Parson will take x-rays and impressions of your teeth to create a model that will help plan your treatment and to fabricate the braces, which we will place during an upcoming appointment. You will need to return to our office for adjustments and wire tightening.

Six Months Smiles Teeth Straightening Near Me

Visit Revive Family Dentistry in Grand Prairie, TX today to learn more about Six Months Smiles Teeth Straightening and to determine if it is right for you. We are proud to offer orthodontic solutions tailored to your individual needs. We look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams. Call us and schedule your appointment today!