Am I a Candidate for Six Month Smiles Orthodontic Treatment?

If you’re in search of a quick and effective teeth-straightening procedure, you’ve come to the right place. Revive Family Dentistry is proud to offer the Six Month Smiles system that will have you on your way to the smile of your dreams before you know it! You’ll love the stunning results!

What Is Six Month Smiles and How Does It Work?

Six Month Smiles offers a groundbreaking orthodontic system that primarily targets the teeth that show when you smile, meaning you won’t need to deal with a full mouth of braces. Similar to traditional braces, the Six Month Smiles system utilizes clear brackets and tooth-colored wires that gently and precisely shift your teeth into alignment. In mild to moderate orthodontic cases, Six Month Smiles can improve the alignment and appearance of crooked teeth in a fraction of the time of traditional metal braces. 

Are You a Candidate for Six Month Smiles Orthodontic Treatment?

Candidates for Six Month Smiles are typically adults with no active dental or periodontal disease who desire a discreet and quick way to improve the appearance of their smiles. The system is effective in correcting gapped or crooked front teeth, extrusions, rotations, and intrusions. It also works for overbites, open bites, and crowded or overlapping teeth. Patients with severe misalignment, underbites, overbites, or crossbites may not be ideal candidates for Six Month Smiles and may require traditional braces or Invisalign instead. A visit to Revive Family Dentistry will help determine if Six Month Smiles is right for you!

Why Choose Six Month Smiles?

Here are some of the many advantages of the Six Month Smiles system: 

  • Six Month Smiles utilizes unique, cutting-edge technology to deliver predictable, dramatic results.
  • Most cases only require six months to perfect your smile, unlike braces, which can take up to two years. 
  • Patented Lucid-Lok technology brings to your virtually invisible clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, which allow you to achieve the smile of your dreams without detracting from your appearance. 
  • The innovative straightening system utilizes very gentle force to shift the teeth into their desired position, so they are incredibly comfortable to wear, and there is much less of a risk of damage to your teeth. 
  • The revolutionary orthodontic treatment is more hygienic than conventional braces because the brackets are needed on only a few teeth, making it much easier to brush and floss. Moreover, wearing them for a shorter period lowers the risk of developing gum disease or cavities.
  • The groundbreaking orthodontic system typically costs less than Invisalign or traditional braces.
  • Six Month Smiles delivers real results that speak for themselves. You’ll enjoy a boost in your oral health, your smile’s appearance, and your self-confidence!

Six Month Smiles Orthodontic Treatment Near Me

Visit Revive Family Dentistry in Grand Prairie, TX, to learn more about the benefits of the Six Month Smiles system and to determine if you’re a candidate. Our tailored orthodontic treatments will have you looking and smiling your best in no time! Call us at (469) 340-4002 and schedule your appointment today!